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An Update to Our Clients: A Year of Adversity, Resilience and Growth

COVID-19 Insights March 11, 2021
COVID-19 Insights March 11, 2021
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This day last year marked the beginning of a highly unusual year that required all of us to regroup, change plans and pivot in response to unforeseeable challenges. We faced a global pandemic, volatile financial markets, political and social unrest, and the need to learn how to conduct business and life remotely.

So much has changed in just one year which has heightened our gratitude for the trust you have in us. It’s a privilege to have helped steer you through the year’s stressful moments and to continue to help you achieve your goals.

The year has also magnified the appreciation we have for our 2,500 dedicated and diverse professionals across the U.S., Europe, Asia and in Canada who have demonstrated extraordinary sacrifice, compassion, and ingenuity to help our clients and each other succeed.

We’ve had year of growth because of the resilience and grit shown by our clients and colleagues.

  • Our franchise performed remarkably well through record market volumes and as result of our consistent strategy, approach and commitment to a well-diversified business

  • Our teams adapted with pace to rapidly changing conditions, redefining the way we work and building for the future

  • More clients continued to benefit from our innovative solutions and expanding digital platforms

  • Our commitment to a sustainable future escalated with new capabilities in critical areas of opportunity, growth and risk

  • Initiatives around new and emerging technologies were accelerated to allow us to better serve clients seamlessly and efficiently in a largely remote working environment

  • Our unique culture of partnership and collaboration got stronger. We doubled down on our people, their safety, and their physical and mental well-being

  • The most vulnerable and impacted in our communities were supported by our employees, who raised hands and dollars to help those who need it most

The pandemic will leave permanent marks – not just a deep global recession from which it will take time to recover, but also disruption to many industries that will both pose new challenges and new opportunities. But, I am hopeful that we will emerge with a stronger sense of purpose around working together to make our businesses and our world more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable.

We are moving forward with great hope and optimism.

The future remains uncertain, but we are closer to the end of the crisis than the beginning. We’re focused on finding solutions to emerging issues and making progress on important priorities. We’re partnering creatively within and beyond our bank to solve business and societal problems.

We look forward to continuing our commitment to understanding the unique issues, challenges and opportunities that you, our clients, are facing in these unprecedented times. We’ll continue to use that deep understanding to provide innovative, forward-looking insights and solutions to help all our clients succeed.

You can continue to count on us for unwavering, uninterrupted engagement – no matter the challenge. Thank you again for your trust in us, and our teams and I look forward to connecting with you this year, hopefully both virtually and in person.

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Dan Barclay

CEO & Group Head, BMO Capital Markets

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Dan Barclay Chief Executive Officer, BMO Capital Markets

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