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WCM’s Return to Bay Street Program sees most successful year yet, brings 19 women back into finance industry

Equity Through Education July 21, 2021
Equity Through Education July 21, 2021
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Launched in 2010 by WCM and founding sponsor BMO Capital Markets—through funding from BMO’s Equity Through Education program— WCM's Return To Bay Street (RTBS) program is designed to facilitate the return to the workforce of experienced women who have previously held mid-level and senior positions in capital markets, have taken time away from their careers in finance, and are now interested in returning.  RTBS has relaunched the careers of 92 women in Canadian finance, helping accelerate women’s representation in the capital markets industry. 2021 was the most successful year yet, facilitating the return of 19 experienced women back to the workforce after taking time away from their careers.


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