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ETE: Indspire Scholar Story

Equity Through Education September 06, 2019
Equity Through Education September 06, 2019
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When Camden Maracle started his first full-time role at BMO he asked to become a mentor for Indspire, the charitable organization that helped to make it all possible with the support of the Equity Through Education scholarship program. “I want everything to come back full circle, and not just use my degree for something that is going to just make me money,” he says. Raised near Belville, Ontario on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory reserve, Camden came to BMO at the age of 23, after studying at Ryerson University.

On September 25th BMO’s Equity Through Education program celebrates 15 years of donating institutional equity trading commissions to charitable organizations like Indspire that support scholarships, education, and inclusion. Since 2005, ETE has donated more than $20 million, helping nearly 5,000 students.

Join us to mark 15 years of boldly growing the good.

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