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ETE: Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar Story

Equity Through Education March 05, 2020
Equity Through Education March 05, 2020
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The middle of three daughters of a single mother from Brooklyn, New York, Sandy Jean-Charles did not appreciate what a scholarship can do for you beyond dollars and cents until she applied for aid from the Jackie Robinson Foundation, an organization long supported by BMO’s Equity Through Education program. When I was learning about Jackie Robinson for the scholarship, just all the great work that he did during his time and also his family, I saw that I wanted to make an impact similar to that, says the electrical engineering and computer science student at MIT.The JRF/BMO Scholarship had a very profound impact on my educational experience.”

On September 25th, BMO’s Equity-Through-Education program celebrated 15 years of supporting scholarships, education, and inclusion by donating institutional equity trading commissions to charitable organizations like the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Since 2005, ETE has donated more than $20 million, helping nearly 5,000 students.

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