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IN Tune: BMO Radicle and the World of Carbon Credits

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IN Tune is a podcast featuring Equity Research analysts from BMO Capital Markets. Our episodes explore key emerging themes, trends, and issues which are important to our institutional clients globally.  

In this episode of IN Tune, we are joined by Doug Morrow, ESG Analyst; Rachel Walsh, Carbon Innovation Analyst; Saj Shapiro, Head, BMO Radicle; and Chelsea Bryant, Managing Director, Trading, BMO Radicle, discuss the interplay between BMO Radicle, energy transition, and the world of carbon credits. In December 2022, BMO Financial Group completed its acquisition of Radicle, expanding the bank's carbon credit development capabilities and its footprint in the environmental commodity market, and deepening its commitment to help clients understand and assess energy transition risks and opportunities. In 40 minutes we run through the basics of carbon trading and pricing, Radicle’s expertise in developing offsets, trading, and advisory, as well as our panelists' outlook for 2023 carbon markets.


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Doug A. Morrow ESG Strategist

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