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Looking Forward to Our 17th Annual Farm to Market Conference

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This Wednesday marks the start of our 17th Annual Farm to Market Conference in New York, one of the most prominent Consumer, Food and Retail events in North America and an opportunity for the industry to take stock of where it is and where it’s going.  

I am looking forward to welcoming leading investors and corporates from across the food chain, including the agribusiness, fertilizers and crop chemicals, food and beverage, distribution, retail, restaurants, and cannabis sectors, for this two-day conference. Our sector leaders and experts will discuss outlooks and drivers across these industries, as well as whether we can expect continued growth and diversification via acquisition.

In the wake of pandemic turbulence, we face further volatility and uncertainty from a world in flux, with sky-rocketing inflation and the impact of the tragic Russian invasion of Ukraine. I anticipate that conversations at this conference will be focused on what the future holds.

Panels and presentations will explore key issues impacting the industry, like supply chain bottlenecks and labor shortages, soaring crop prices and record fertilizer prices. Amid seismic changes in the global narrative, discussions will weigh the impacts of more than two years of pandemic on consumer preferences, and examine the evolution of agribusiness in the ongoing energy transition.



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Dan Barclay Chief Executive Officer, BMO Capital Markets


Food, Consumer & Retail Global Farm to Market Conference

May 17 - 18, 2023 New York

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