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US Strategy Snapshot: The Actual Earnings Number May Not Matter


Investment Strategy: The Actual Earnings Number May Not Matter

Historical Earnings Trajectories From Bear Market Troughs Reinforce Recent Low

As society prepares for the inevitable re-opening of the economy (yes, it will re-open), baseline sentiments remain predominantly defined by trepidation and anxiety. Unprecedented historical events tend to generate such emotions, so investors and society alike need to cut themselves some slack, in our view, and trust the wherewithal of individuals, companies, economies, and governments. There is no doubt that angst surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) is literally dictating every step of society – as it should. However, the focus from an investment standpoint – while still held hostage by the yet to be determined absolute trajectory of the virus – has firmly transitioned to what the triple whammy facing stocks means for today, tomorrow, and next week.


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Brian Belski Chief Investment Strategist

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